A love letter to Malie


Dear Malie Organics,

You don’t know who I am, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve been madly in love with you for a quite a while. Even more so since I moved away from Hawaii. Actually, as I am sitting here on my couch, (in sweats, covered in a blanket and drinking coffee), I have one of your plumeria diffusers nearby, that’s miraculously made the room smell like my old home. So I am now contemplating putting on a bikini, and checking out airfares back to Hawaii. 

I went to your store in Kauai last year, and after buying about 4 bottles of lotion from the sale section and slathering myself in some perfume oil, I shyly (yet enthusiastically) tried to explain my love to a gal working there. But she just smiled and seemed not impressed, which means I am not the only one in love. I understand.

But, did you know that on our honeymoon, my husband used your koke’e room spray as cologne? Probably not. Whenever I smell anything from the Koke’e collection, I think of my honeymoon. Which is always a good thing. I still don’t know if he stole it from the hotel or we bought it, but somehow we got that bottle…and it’s my favorite “cologne” he has ever worn.

You make my skin happier than any other products, and I still to this day have no clue how your butter bun can relieve sunburns overnight. I’m fascinated. You also bring back one of the things I miss so much about Hawaii…how it smells. And you, my dear Malie, miraculously have captured that with perfection. 

Which is why I will love you…forever.

And will take full advantage of any testers I stumble across.

And will be buying a ton of candles to get me through the winter.

From all of my Plumeria, Mango, Pikake, Coconut Vanilla, Koke’e loving heart…I thank you for everything you make.


Available at Malie.comBeauty.com and Nordstrom.com…but remember I loved them first. Even before Oprah.

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