Maya Swimwear. Oh Maya goodness.

Maya swimwear. Seamless, soft, comfortable, and so flattering it looks like it was practically painted on. Boom. Instant pandemonium shall ensue. To say I am a fan is an understatement…this Miami based line had me at…well since it’s Miami, buenos dias. 

If you love ruching, you’ll love this line. I think every single bottom has some form of it, so no matter if you choose a cheeky boy short, a side ties, or a sporty basic bottom, your bum will be looking mighty fine. Speaking of might fine, The prints are all bright, original and fun, without being too cute. Exhibit A, my scarlet rosette suit. It makes you want to salsa.

The cuts are somewhere in-between conservative US and tiny Brazilian, so you show just enough skin to keep things interesting, and the fabric is delicious. Plus there are a bunch of bright solid pieces, so you can mix and match a suit to fit your mood, or need, or beach.

Oh Maya goodness. These suits rock.

Time to click on over to (or ishine365…they carry a ton of suits) and mix and match your perfect, feels like it’s painted on (without the awkwardness of someone actually body painting you) wear anywhere because it’s just that soft, suit.


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