Low braid wrapped no tie pony


When it comes to ponytails my mantra is, the looser and messier the better. And since I stink at making that high up on your head perfectly perky and messy pony, I tend to steer towards the low as possible, looks like it’s going to fall out genre. 

Which takes us to this easy yet lovely ‘do that I’ve been rocking a lot lately. Mainly because all I need is a bobby pin to do it. 

I like to call it the Low Braid Wrapped No Tie Pony. 

Here’s how you do it…

 As with all hair stuff, it works best if your hair is a bit dirty, but also brushed out. 

• Pull all your hair up, except for a bunch at the bottom of your neck. Keyword here: rat-tail. 

• Take that lovely little rat-tail you pulled aside, and make it cute. AKA braid it. Fishtail or regular braid. Up to you. I did regular. Mainly so I can brag that this is an under 2 minute ‘do. 

• Hold on to the end of your beloved braided rat-tail, then let the rest of your hair you had pulled up down. 

• Now wrap the braided rat-tail around your hair where you would normally put a hair tie. Tip: The lower you can do this the cooler it looks. 

• Using a bobby pin or two, or three (Yes, I can do this with only one bobby pin, since my hair is as fine as a baby llama’s), pin the ends of the braid in place on the under/not showing side of the pony. Voila. Your rat tail braid is now a hair tie. 

• Pull some strands out to frame your face. 

• Done. 

Now go find a light breeze so your loose low braid wrapped no tie pony can slightly blow in the wind. 

Or just grab a lemonade or iced tea or something, and contemplate how easy it is to do hair sometimes.

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