Miami. Finally.


For the past three years, when the middle of July rolls around, I’ve been asked the same question: Are you going to Miami? Well, this year, my answer was finally…si. 

It’s official, my first official Mercedes Benz Fashion week is in the books. And, of course, it was the swimwear one.

It was hot. It was humid. There was a plethora of rad beachwear, inspiring designers, and gorgeous models, everywhere you looked. It was a really really good time. 

So, here are a few highlights and thoughts. 

• Actually Meeting people. It was fantastic to finally meet so many designers, followers, companies and rad people I’ve been in contact with but never actually seen in real life, face to face, also known as actual human interaction. Which I definitely prefer. Email and social media, you got schooled. 

• The shows. L*Space, Mikoh, Beach Riot, RVCA, Lolli, Acacia, Issa De’ Mar, and Indah (hopefully I am not forgetting anyone)…holy cow, I don’t know how you all do what you do, but it was amazing. Major bonus points to Mikoh for the Tahitian Hula opener, Acacia for the gorgeous leis and body art, Lolli for their models jumping in the pool, L*Space for having a runway that looked like water, and to Indah for all the amazing neoprene.

 The music. Speaking of the shows, Mikoh and L*Space, I loved the playlists from your shows. The Mikoh playlist is here, and listed below. Then, L*Space, I need yours! Great tunes.

MIKOH Playlist:

  1. Love The Night Away (Tiedye Mix) – DJ Kaos
  2. Pools – Glass Animals
  3. Dangerous (f/ Joywave) – Big Data
  4. Don’t Move – Phantogram
  5. Lost Queen – Pharrell Williams
  6. Water Fountain – Tune-Yards
  7. Sleepless (f/ Jezzabell Doran) – Flume
  8. In Love With You – The Paradise

• Flash Tattoos. Were. EVERYWHERE. Which made me oh so happy. And it was great hanging with the crew. Seriously I don’t know the last time I’ve laughed so much. I am so thrilled to know these gals. 

• The South Beach diet. Aka champagne, fruity tropical cocktails, and vodka filled coconuts. Hey, I don’t go out that much, it was fun. 

The beach. I did an early morning beach run down to where the beach ended in South Beach. And well, that little area was pretty sweet. It felt good to find a little quiet and beautiful nook even in the middle of a big city. Instead of running right back, I sat in the ocean for a little bit, and that half an hour of quiet, gorgeous, white sand, blue water beach time… was divine. I went back again the next day, but rented a bike. 

 The Beachwear. Brace yourself for 2015. Lots of awesome sauce for all.

• A Hot Pink dog. Don’t worry, Frankie was died with organic beet juice.

Let’s try and do it again next year, shall we?

Pictured above Left to right, top to bottom: Snapping Pics at L*Space • Lovely lifegurd towers • Issa De Mar Pool party • Mikoh (Loved the sand floor) • Fun withe the Flash Tattoo crew at The Luli Fama Party • Acacia gorgeousness • Chillin at the beach in Ola Feroz • Finally meeting The beautiful and oh so talented Jessica Garcia of Ola Feroz at The Delano (love her!) • The now famous fringed cropped neoprene top that closed the Indah show.

Fun times


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