Minnesota Blooms

So, apparently Minnesota is a mecca for peonies this time of year. This is something I didn’t realize at all, and is also something that has made me ohhh soooo happy the past few days. I just love big, juicy, and bright flowers. They give my eyes hugs.

And, guess who just realized her yard has a big ‘ol scrumptious bunch of magenta beauties that are in full bloom? Moi.

So I went to town with some clippers, and yep, stuff like this is a total day maker. The color is so vibrant you can hardly capture it in a photograph. It’s like they are gorgeous fragrant happy pills for me. Can you wear a peony behind your ear, or in a top knot? I clearly am no expert, but I shall give it a a try.

To the lady whose house we are renting, I like your style, and am excited to see what blooms sprout up next.

…maybe one will be a hibiscus. 

Dream big. 

And always stop to smell the flowers. 

Especially peonies in Minnesota. Since their scent is just as gorgeous as their looks. 

Dress by Winston White (similar here)

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