What time is it?

If anyone asks me what time it is, I just might slowly answer the question while displaying one of my newly acquired time keeping devices that are adorning my wrist lately. Mainly because I am totally pumped at how rad my latest design collab is. It’s a collection of watches for Modify Watches.

So here’s the deal with these timepieces. The faces are interchangeable with the bands. Kind of like Swatch back in the 80′s, but more sleek. And made in San Francisco, not Sweden. So you buy a watch face (Or six. Yup. My collection has six designs) and pick out the band color you want. Donezo. Cool watch. Let’s say you get another watch face and band color, you now technically have 4 watch combos. Since they all are interchangeable. 

Fun stuff. Great idea. 

My collection has 5 different watercolor pieces, as well as my palm tree smile graphic, and the watches are $50 ($35 for the face, $15 for the band). I suggest pairing ‘em with a bright and fruity colored band. Or I guess black always looks cool too. 

Whatever you choose, these watches are cool, and most importantly make you smile. 

Even if you are running late.

Available at modifywatches.com. Now go shop. 

Arm Stack: La Luna Rose X Goldfish Kiss, Flash Tattoos X Goldfish Kiss, Kate Davis bangles // My hot momma L*Space one piece

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