Monstera in the Morning

Sometimes you stumble on some inspiration. Or it happens to be washed up on a lava rock on a particularly remote stretch of beach, lying there in all its bright green glory. However it gets there, it feels good to be blessed with butterflies in the brain for a minute. And well, it all resulted in some of my favorite pics of the year so far, that require little to no effort or time.

Yet another reason to keep on going on those early morning walks on the beach.

Whoever left behind this gigantic beauty, I thank you.

And hope you like this little dose of sunshine.

*Shot on iPhone – I either lost or forgot to pack my camera, and sometimes the iPhone camera just works wonders. And is so darn easy. 

Billabong Road Trippin shorts – Found them on the clearance rack this summer. But there are still some pairs out there.



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