Napa Spiffy

A few weekends ago, I traveled to a wondrous world, where wine literally flows like water, the terrain makes you feel like you are in a Nicholas Sparks novel, and the food makes your tastebuds want to write you a thank you note. Yup, I went to Napa.

But, even cooler, I went for my cousin’s wedding, and, hold your breath, had a reason to, as my husband calls it, get spiffy. I even finally tried out this hair DIY, and it got two thumbs up. 

So, I had to document this occasion, because It feels pretty darn great to get all dolled up. Even if I didn’t even wear heels.  

Wearing (Get ready for an über list): Made for Pearl Tunic (A line designed by Janis Joplin’s Niece. It took a little piece of my heart.) // Buyamba Sandals (That also help empower Woman in Uganda, score.) // Danielle Nicole Bag (Under $50. Holla.) // NCLA Nail Wraps // Tidepool Love oahu ring…and a ton of bracelets. 

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