An Ode to Joe

It seems like every day is a National Something Or Other Day. Seriously. There’s even a National I Don’t Give a F*&K day. (My husband googled it out of curiosity. I believe it’s April 22nd.) But today is National Coffee Day, which I feel is definitely worth celebrating every year. And indulging in. And taking a few moments to sip and savor a high quality, hug in a mug, aroma of awesomeness cup o’joe. Or shot of espresso. Or some coffee bean in any form. 

September 29th. Yeah for this beloved beverage known as…coffee. 

Since I can’t really consume my favorite coffee beverage (3-4 shots of goooood espresso over ice), or really anything other than a small cup, I figured I’d post some of my favorite coffee images from pinterest

Enjoy. And if you haven’t had a cup of coffee yet today. Feel free to join me for a cup o decaf. 

Top to bottom: Roy G Biv’d cup O’ Joe // A print that speaks the truth // A beautiful iced coffee // A punny mug I need // Coffee and doughnut on the go // Simple yet perfect latte art 

*None of these images are my own. All are from my smiles pinterest board.

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