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Considering our skin is our largest organ, I am pretty amazed at all of the crap I’ve put on mine over the years. Skin, I am so sorry. I am gradually changing my ways, and I see that lately you are way more content.

So, I’ve come to realize that less is more in the world of skincare products. By less I am referring to the chemicals, parabans, fillers and junk. 

Simple is better. And here are a few products that are simply getting two enthusiastic thumbs up from me lately.

California Naturel

I love this line for a few reasons. 1: It is based in Sausalito. Which I biked through in San Fran, and thought was one of the sweetest little towns ever. 2: I’ve been using it consistently for over two months now and can honestly say that this is some great, made with love and care skincare, that doesn’t break the bank. Score. 3: Their Balancing Complex is amazing. I have super annoying combination skin and rarely do I find amazing oily skin stuff. Must be the argan, borage, olive and jojoba oils. It really intrigues me how oils help oil.

Also, being an avid Cetaphil user all of these years, their cleanser has officially taken over the throne that washes my face. 

I’ll just have to go bike through Sausalitio again someday, to stop by and say thanks.

Malie Organics.

I’ll say it loud and proud, I LOVE anything Malie Organics makes. Anything. An. Y. Thing. Yes, I even wrote them a love letter

Aside form having amazing ingredients, the scent (ohhhh the scent) reminds me of Hawaii so so much. Maybe it’s because I used to slather myself in their products in any store that sold their goodness and had samples. 

They have a new therapeutic bath soak that rocks my world. It’s like a spa day in a jar. I’d eat it or grind it on my food if I could. It helps detox then hydrate your skin and is infused with a bunch of good stuff. Think natural Hawaiian sea salt, Hawaiian red Alaea clay, aloe, macadamia nut oil, Kukui oil, and some green tea Extract…and of course it smells heavenly.

I just might be soaking my feet in this concoction while I am typing this post. 

‘Ili Scrub.

You know Frank Body Scrub? Think of ‘Ili as Frank’s gorgeous Hawaiian cousin, who is really really good at gardening and aced botany. ‘Ili (Hawaiian for skin) is a locally sourced, organic, coffee body scrub that is freshly made each week on the island of Kauai. Swoon.

There are two formulas and each has it’s own benefit. The ginger formula helps with acne and hyper pigmentation. While the Lavendar Mint helps with eczema, shingles, toxin removal, dermatitus, and is antibacterial. Whoa. 

I’ve tried them both. They are oh so lovely, and equally hydrating. I am especially a fan of their performance in the face scrub department. Take that hyperpigmentation.

‘Ili. ILY.


This line out of Australia (their lab is in Melbourne), had me at hello. It smells amazing, and isn’t your typical natural skincare line. It’s umm…fun. Something about the colors and formulas is just quirky and cool. Which you want to show off in your bathroom. 

I brought the After Sun Lotion on the Maldives Boat trip. (Yep, I got a lot of sun there, it helped.) And I think that their Twenty Four 7 daily body cream might be one of my favorite body lotions ever. Seriously. Bonus point that it can also be used on your face. And that it smells like a lemon bar dunked in some awesome perfume. And it’s all natural. Fascinating.

So there you go. Next time you are in the drugstore contemplating buying something that contains triclosan because it only costs $2, think about the small guys that are out there consciously making some rather sweet products, and think about the big organ that it impacts the most, your skin.

…yeah, that kind of sounded like a PSA.

Have any natural skincare lines or products you love? Let us all hear about them in the comments below. It’s always fun to learn about new goods. 

Banana print fabric by Tommy Bahama. I kind of feel the need to make a headboard and cover it in this.

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