Need a new hobby? There are

Need a new hobby? There are a million health benefits to challenging yourself and trying something new. So, let me suggest picking up Golf. I know that four letter word conjures up images of argyle, culottes, and Chevy Chase in plaid pants from Caddyshack. (a movie which I can probably recite by memory) But let me tell you, I’ve been golfing since I was like 4, and must say, it is a darn good time. On my recent trip to Cabo, some of the best times were spent on the driving range and the links.

Is it a hard, frustrating finesse sport that makes you involuntarily scream obscenities? You bet it is. But it is also a great stress reliever, way to get outside, and even if you are absolutely horrible, you just use your foot wedge (aka kick the ball), and have a blast driving the cart around while drinking beer.

Hopefully if we get enough beach babes out there golfing, we can loosen up the dress code to include bikinis. Then, the world will truly be a better place.

*If you are in Colorado and need a superb teacher, my brother Sam is by far the coolest golf pro ever.

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