Bikini Facelift: No Sew Bandeau Strap


I like bandeau tops, they just don’t like me. Ok they don’t like my lats and therefore like to slide down and scrunch up until I feel like I look like Vera Di Milo. Therefore, a strap with a bandeau is pretty much a necessity for moi. So, if you have a bandeau that doesn’t come with a removable strap, or you just want to change your top a little bit, here is a suuuuper easy trick.

All you need is a bandeau bikini top and a sliding triangle top.

• On your sliding triangle top, *remove the bottom tie that goes around your back. (i.e. slide the triangles off the big string)

• You will now have a long string. Fold that string in half. You will have a loop at one end.

• Pull the loop end up behind the front middle of the bandeau.

• Pull the bottom of the strings up through the loop. And pull to tighten.You will now have a knot around the front center of your bandeau and loose ends to tie around your neck.

Tie those ties around your neck….and voila. A bandeau that won’t slide down.

* To restring your triangle top, just attach a safety pin to the end of the string and re-thread it through the bottom of the triangles. It takes about 2 minutes, and your tri-top will be back to normal.

Try it out, mix up prints if you are feeling saucy, and do some jumping jacks afterwards, knowing your top isn’t going south. 

Bikini by Mandalynn Swim…and a whole lotta flash tats 🙂 

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