oh this gorgeous earth

Oh this beautiful, jaw dropping, makes you feel oh so small earth we are so blessed to live on. I want to swim in all the oceans, feel the crisp & cool mountain air, soak up the tropics, climb the mountains, go for as many walks as possible, keep on finding unexpected beauty, and stock up on frequent flier miles while seeing all that it has to offer.

So, let’s all do something to help it stay beautiful, instead of messing it all up.

Especially because I’d really like to see the following:

Top to bottom:

A rain cloud cruising through The Maldives

Lake Matheson, in New Zealand

A Coconut Tree forest in Thailand

Swim in a pool only God could make

Ziplining in Venezuela 

Cannon Beach. (Queue Heart Palpitation)

A place I really really want to hike one day. If I can figure out where the heck this is…

Happy Earth Day, you gorgeous Earth you. 

All pics via my escapes Pinterest board.

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