Olympian Bikinis

They trained relentlessly, they competed, they captured out hearts…they deserve a tropical vacation…and a new bikini.

So, I figured I’d play bikini personal shopper for a few of my favorite olympians. 

Here you go…

1: Gabby Douglas. She’s probably the most adorable gal ever, and has a smile that could bring world peace. This one’s a no brainer, get this wonder woman in some Lolli.

2: Lolo Jones. My girl crush of the olympics. She’s got a killer bod, great sense of humor, and blazing speed…while hurdling. Note: I once tried to jump over a hurdle and I ended up just running around it. Lolo, I present to you, the famous red Acacia.


3: Jessica Ennis: Because, in my opinion, every gold medalist in the Heptathlon should also win a Mara hoffman suit as well. 

4: Natalie Coughlin. Who knows how many hours this gal has spent over her career in some form of a training suit. Natalie, time to slip on something totally opposite, a ruffly, stringy, not flip turn friendly, little hot ViX Mustique suit.

5: Destinee Hooker. I stood next to her for one second after Texas played Hawaii in Volleyball. Felt quite small and instantly became a fan. She is crazy good, tall, can absolutely kill the ball, and beautiful. A perfect combo for some Mikoh.

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