There are some mysteries in this

There are some mysteries in this world we may never know: the lost city of Atlantis’s coordinates, a word that rhymes with orange…and the allure of jeans with a plethora of holes in them. 

Well maybe the latter isn’t such a mystery. 

Jeans with holes are special, in a way that only a pair of jeans can be. They say: I love denim, I care about what I’m wearing, but I don’t want to look like I care, I have a rebellious side (when it comes to my pants), I like my legs to be able to breathe, and finally…I rock. Even if I am wearing a buttoned up polo on top. 

So, the mystery is officially solved: Jeans. More holes. Mo’ bettah. 

* If you want to make some, I love this DIY, or these, if you prefer to BUY.

This post is also over at Rock on. 

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