Outerbridge. Jewelry that gets you.


Jewelry. It can say so much about you. A shell bangle typically signifies you are a beach gal, a diamond ring on your left ring finger means you are engaged (or married like me and just don’t have a band yet). Or, it can say: I am happy, I am sad, I am in love, or I am an all around super cool artsy, I don’t take myself too seriously, but have good style, kind of person.

In that last sentence, I was referring to Outerbridge Jewelry. The creative brainchild of the oh so talented, beach gal turned artist turned jewelry maker, Alexandra Outerbridge.

Alex’s line has a bit of Island roots (she was born in Bermuda), London edginess (where she lived growing up), and LA style (where every piece is designed and made, start to finish). The end result? A collection of pieces perfect for people who don’t take themselves too seriously, have a sense of humor, appreciate fun details, and like to wear their emotions on their wrist, neck, or earlobe. Sometimes all at once.

So yeah, my frown face studs are a perfect way to subtly show how I feel about the impending move to Seattle. 

..but there are smiley faces studs. Which are a perfect way to show how I feel about being able to fly to Bermuda (a little easier now after the move) to see where all of this sweetness began.

But enough about me. Let’s all give Alex a fist pump for her rather sweet line.

Outerbridge.com // Facebook // Twitter: @outerbridgeOB Twitter // IG: @outerbridgejewelry

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