Peony. Feels like summer.

I really want to go to Australia for two reasons. 1: I’ve been wanting to go there since I was a kid, because I’ve always been fascinated with it. 2: To personally give Peony swimwear a bear hug and high five.

Peony is born and bred in Burleigh Heads, Australia, and by geographic location alone, you know this line gets it. The suits are no fuss, the fabrics make you want to live in them, and to quote Becky Jake (the designer) it’s the closest thing to skinny dipping. Yup, count me in for some of that.

My personal faves are…anything…really. Any piece in their signature print (each season has one signature print) mixed with a solid is a winning combo. Bonus points for every item being handmade in Australia, locally sourced, packaged in recycled materials…and for making a bandeau top that doesn’t make me look like a linebacker.

I also really love the story of the name. The designer, Becky, knew it was summer when her Grandma’s Peony’s began to bloom. Le sigh…

So check out Peony, grab a suit, and (legally) go skinny dipping anywhere. You will want to hop on a flight to Australia to thank them as well.

Available at (Note: There is FREE international shopping for the rest of March) Yhatzee!

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