Beach Beauty: Bright Eyes

I have a confession to make. I rarely leave the house without mascara on. Maybe it’s because my lashes are one of my favorite body parts, but I love the stuff. Yes, I do wear mascara to the beach, and yes it is always waterproof.

So, I was rather giddy when I discovered the new Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo. Sheesh, that’s a long product name. But, it’s a fun, beachy swap to the typical black that also it enhances whatever eye color you’ve been blessed with. Use green for green eyes, blue for blue, hot pink for hazel, or purple for brown. You can use the color alone, or put on a coat of black, then do the color just on the tips (as pictured above- actually is a little lighter/opaque than it looks). The best part, it really does enhance your eye color (yhatzee!) and is subtle, so you don’t have to worry about looking like David Bowie.

It’s summer. Sport some color. Even on your lashes.

Available online & at practically every drugstore.

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