Pineapple toes

The pineapple. A symbol of hospitality, warmth, and kindness. It’s also my favorite fruit to eat, even though it’s a total beeyotch to cut up.

So, I figured…time to make some warm, hospitable, and tasty piña toes.

Here’s how.

1. Paint toes in your color of choice.

2. Grab an old ball point pen and something you can pour a blob of polish on then throw away. Pour a little blob of polish you want your pineapple to be (contrasting color works best).

3. Dip the ball point pin (aka homemade dotting tool) in the polish then place small bunches of dot clusters in the shape of a pineapple.

4. Grab a nail art brish or tooth pick, and paint a few lines to make the tops of the pineapple.

5: Let your nails dry thoroughly, then cover with thick glossy topcoat.

6: Voila. Some warm, hospitable, friendly, but probably don’t taste that great, little piña toes.

…that are relatively easy to do. Yum.

Polish Used: Zoya Neve (purple) and Flynn (carmel)

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