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I have a REALLY bad habit of checking out pinterest before I go to bed. There’s something about reading quotes or seeing juicy images that helps me turn by brian into “be creative while you sleep mode” or I guess it gets my mind off of stuff too. Or has me hungry for the dozens of cookie/baked goods recipes I have yet to even attempt. 

However, this bad habit has led to some inspiring finds lately….

• I’d really really love to go for a long walk on that sandbar. ( Wondering where the heck it is since this is one of those bazillion images on Pinterest that aren’t linked to the actual image source.)

• Tess Guinery I heart you. Do yourself a favor and, follow her anywhere possible, check out her site, and buy her book. This woman’s words, art, and overall vibe are warm fuzzy inducing. In a totally rad and relatable way. 

• Kate Davis Rings – This might be the prettiest rainbow ring lineup I’ve ever seen. Especially knowing she made each of that semi prescious one of a kind beauties by hand. 

• Rainbow Monstera watercolor by Emily Grady Dodge – This painting makes me happy. That color combo. Yum.

• Kaitlin Brown Pull Through Braids – I tried to recreate these…and the results were quite comical. I’ll just spare myself the arm cramps, and continue to admire Kaitlin’s work from afar…

• One of those quotes you stumble on at juuuuuuust the right time. Wish I knew what book this was from…

• This lip color. Yum. Kevyn Aucoin Molton Lip Color in Fire Amber ( Pic by PressedPoutBeauty)

..Off to bed now. Maybe I’ll pin a few more things. 

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin. 

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