Because making a lei is always

Because making a lei is always easy on the eyes, and makes you wish screens were scratch n sniff.

Every year, when I’m back on Kauai, I make my mom a lei for her birthday. It’s not technically peak plumeira time, but there’s always juuuuuust enough on a few trees. Well, I also made friends with the gardener at the hotel next to ours, Arsenio, and he helped me get a few. But he retired last year, so this year I just got lucky with one tree and a super windy afternoon.

So I just grabbed a needle and thread from the hotel sewing kit, and found about (hmmmm I never really count) 40 plumeria, threaded ‘em on, tied a knot, and made my mom smell great for the day. 

So if you are somewhere with plumeria trees, or anywhere you can pick flowers/find free flowers without upsetting your neighbor with a green thumb, I highly suggest doing the same sometime. 

Because it’s definitely turned into my favorite kind of crafting

Novella Royale bells (on sale). High five for that perfect boho touch.

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