Posh Pua. Easy Island ‘Kinis.

Sometimes, a line…just gets it. Gets it, meaning, the look, feel, simplicity, and image is as perfectly Hawaiian beach babe as it gets. Such is the case with Posh Pua.

Designer Julie Stone is a wife, mother of 2 boys, and also the Einstein of bikini craftsmanship. After learning to sew from her mom when she was little, Julie has been making bikinis ever since, having the perfect fitting bikini as her ultimate goal. (Yes, trial and error and children’s department shopping was involved in the research.) Well we all should write Julie a thank you note for all of her work, because there is a line for perfect fitting, supportive, non-cutting-in, tiny, can be worn surfing, and never gives you a muffin top, not too expensive, amazing, go-to bikinis. Phew!

The suits are simple but beautiful, and there is just something about them, whether it’s the cut, color, Italian fabric, or custom prints (inspired by Hawaii), that makes you look amazing, without looking like you are even trying.

So, if you want a suit that is perfect for an all weekend surf fest, but also can be worn under a pareo and tee to dinner…ok a suit that encompasses easy island living, pick up a piece of Posh Pua. 

Posh Pua

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