Vitamin D and Ceviche

They say you’re supposed to take breaks from being online, social media, etc. What they don’t say is how hard it is to get back in a groove online after taking those breaks. Life offline feels good, really really good. It feels real, too.

It seems like the more you share the more you open yourself up for criticism these days, so I spent the last week and a half/almost two weeks (since we’ve been back) debating on whether or not to even share pics or talk about our trip. But then, negativity would win.

So here were some beautiful Vitamin D-filled memories. And here’s to wishing I could somehow pass along some of the sunshine’s health benefits (mentally and physically) to you through the screen through them too.

We went to Mexico (Punta Mita) –  And to sum it up in a jumbled run-on sentence….I’d walk 30 minutes along the beach to surf each day, and would beach comb while singing whatever song was in my head out loud at the moment on the way. (Usually, it was One Day by Matisyahu – because that was Levi and I’s jam.) I ate my weight in chips, salsa, and ceviche, and Modelo was my Gatorade. No news was watched, but the Super Bowl was watched on Azteca TV for the second year in a row. It had one commercial that aired every single commercial break. I slept and read to Levi and sketched, or just worked on listening to the waves and shutting my brain off, which is a skill I hope to one day master.

I Brainstormed ways to live back at the beach, and couldn’t come up with many solid ideas. So I’ll keep on working on that.

And..that’s is. Yup. I think I’ll leave it at that.

Lots of pics, not much to say. But a lot of emotions were felt, along with an unprecedented feeling of zen, too.

Sometimes it just works out nicely that way.

Now, off to dream of days filled with Vitamin D and ceviche.


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