Beach Buds. Best Buds.

I take a bunch of pics of our weekly beach walks, but have hardly documented one of my favorite aspects of it, the end. Aka the time when Levi gets out of my baby carrier, and these two just get to hang out and be beach buds.

It’s been amazing to watch Kili with Levi ever since we brought him home for the first time. The hardest thing was keeping her from licking his face for the first month or so, since she loved him so much. But she’s so gentle and patient with him, which it’s pretty fascinating, because she can be a totally wild and crazy pup. 

But now that he’s bigger and running around, they are having even more fun. Levi is slowly figuring out how to play fetch with her,  and has stopped trying to eat all her toys, and gives them to her instead. He goes up and cuddles with her before he goes to bed, and he LOVES giving her treats. Any treats. Anytime. Her own food, or bites of whatever he’s eating. That aspect alone is making them inseparable. 

But at the beach it’s pretty cool. She’ll dig a big hole, and Levi will laugh a ton, then go sit in it. (He actually tries to dig in the sand like a dog, which is amusing in itself.) She follows him around (mainly because he’s obsessed with giving her treats and usually has one in his hand), he’ll grab her tennis ball and throw it about three feet away (a feeble yet very enthusiastic attempt at playing fetch)…

And they even work on their downward dog form together…  

Actually Kili’s form is perfect, Levi’s is close, and mine still stinks. One day we’ll get a group shot. 

So, I just wanted to give a little glimpse into this simple, yet permagrin inducing part of life. 

Even though since Levi is around his crazy big four legged sister all the time, I think he thinks he’s a pup at times too. Tonight, he grabbed her leash and tried to take himself for a walk. After trying to eat her dog food. Oh man.  

Best buds. 

And beach bums. 

I love it. 

*Thanks Shipwrecked Kauai for Levi’s Dinosaur necklace. He thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, and well, I do too. 

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