Some QT for some Q & A’s

It’s that time again…time to go through ye ol’ inbox and answer a bunch of questions…which I love getting by the way. And also, it’s time for a good, non photoshopped representation of me where I show my face instead of bum. It is easy to do when Tracy Wright Corvo snaps a messy hair mid laugh gem like this.

Voila. C’est moi.

On the the questions.

Q: Are there any other blogs that inspire you?

A: Ironically, I am not much of a blog gal. I do check out Evangeline over at Style Heroine…she is gorgeous, takes amazing pics, and has unreal style. Then, mainly I’m all about visual inspiration I find on my tumblr feed (a few faves are: brooklynhawaii, kingsunderlavendarskies, and raysofthesun). Then I’ve developed a mild Pinterest obsession.  Really though, I get most of my inspiration when I’m away from a screen or computer : )

Q: have you ever done a “juice cleanse”? Or know how to detox with a juicer?

A: I wish I had the willpower to do one! I did go 5 days where all I ate were fruits and veggies. I saw the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and started it the next day. If you haven’t seen that movie, here is the post I did on it and the reboot system. It’s great and I like to do the 5 day dealio every now and then. 

Q: do you know any websites with super great deals on bikinis?

A: Honestly, right now in October/November, has killer deals, and if you don’t mind mixing and matching, you can get a cute ‘kini for under $60…then, online sample sale sites like hautelook, and gilt will have sales of great lines from time to time. Also Jolyn Clothing. Great suits, under $50 for the set.

Q: Do you wear makeup to the beach? if so, what do you wear?

A: In my little makeup bag that I carry in my beach bag is the following: fresh sugar lip therapy, Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 Beauty Balm,  YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Rose, Rimmel the max volume waterproof mascara,  and a NARS multiple in Luxor.…No joke I literally unpacked it and it’s sitting on the couch next to me now.

Q: You may have written a post about it before and I’ve just missed it, but what do you do for your bikini line? I need some long lasting, smooth making tips if you can share any! Thank you 🙂

A: I got laser hair removal on my bikini line about 8 years ago. So worth the money. I hardly have to deal with it, ever. Warning though, it makes waxing feel like a relaxing spa treatment. Try to find numbing cream if you can, before you go.

Q: What made you move to hawaii and what do you do there now?

A: My husband got a coaching job at the University of Hawaii, which brought us out here, and I am soooo so grateful for that! I used to work in advertising, now I work from home as a freelance graphic designer/art director/writer. The blog is not my job 🙁 

Q: Hi! Where can I purchase those Aloha Shorts? I love them! Thanks!!

A: The aloha pom pom shorts are hand made by Jess at Wonderland Honolulu. They rock, and make me smile. 

Q: Wondering if you use/ever used supplements pre or post-workout sessions? i’ve never seen an “rx bikini bod” post about them but maybe it’s time (or not if you don’t take them…)?

A: Post workout I always have a muscle milk, chocolate milk or recovery drink of some form within 45 minutes. This is crucial. People reading this…If you are lifting and not doing this….you must! Pre workout, I make sure I’ve eaten something 30 minutes to an hour before and I usually down a red bull or monster or something. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I really, really, like caffeine. 

Q: I would love a how-to on how you wash yours swim suits to keep them bright and full of life, thanks so much

A: I’ve come to the realization that, just like your favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans, no matter what you do, your bikini will fade and wear out. It’s part of wearing it. Unless you never get it wet or anything. But that’s no fun. To help prolong the color and life, always rinse with cold water after wearing, dry flat and in the shade, and every now and then wash it in this stuff called Forever New. 

Q: I think you posted this somewhere but I can’t find it. Where is the light blue and white blanket that you make most if your bathing suits on? The one you use the majority if the time, thanks!

A: That is my beautiful, obsession worthy beach sheet from Maui Girl in Paia! You can get more info from the designer, Tiara Style, here 🙂

Q: Hello i am from venezuela, i am a very big fanatic of your site and your life style, i love it, and i really want to be like that, and i am working in it. Regards!

A: I know this really isn’t a question, but this one made me smile so much I had to put it in here! Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for all the mail and lovin’ of le blog. Love it. So, feel free to shoot me an email anytime: 

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