One Swell Time in Mexico

The jellyfish stings are almost fully healed, same with the gnarly ear infection, I think my skin aged a few years in a few weeks, got some sunspots and food poisoning, and I’d go back right now in a heartbeat if I could.

‘Twas one helluva memorable surf trip in Mexico.

We went back to the Riviera Nayarit area/around Punta De Mita and this place is capturing my heart. It’s a quick flight, laid back, easy, and the waves were a blast. We did have a hurricane come through for a few days, but something about that was lovely too.

It was also the rainy season, which meant different tides, a few rainbows, gorgeously warm water, crazy cool clouds and sunsets, butterflies everywhere, and lots of mosquito bites. With the rain comes some rather ravishing things too.

It’s amusing though, with all the ahhhh and highlight-reel moments, it’s the funny, what the heck are we doing ones I’ll remember and laugh about when looking back – That, of course, were not photographed because I didn’t have my camera or phone on me all the time. Which was a luxury.

Moments like…

Falling on a wave and literally sitting on a jellyfish so my butt was covered in stings.

Wading through some swamp water ( I was up to my armpits and we just pushed Levi on our board – I tried to not think of crocodiles) to get to one of our favorite surf spots.

We try to walk everywhere but wanted to bring Levi one day, so we took a boat – and he paddled into the beach on a longboard with my husband – but had his diving mask and swim fins on while doing so. I laughed the entire time.

Levi throwing a shitfit whenever he fell surfing. He only likes taking them allllll the way in, apparently…and is just a weeee bit competitive.  But his favorite thing was just putting his dive mask on and learning to go under the waves and enjoyed getting pounded.

My face feeling so sunburned that the only relief I could find was rolling a cold beer can over it.

I could go on and on, but I’ll have to save that for my journal.

The craving for a simple, sun and surf-filled beachside life is real, and it just felt oh soo good to have it cured for a while.

I tried to pick out a few pics that might sum up the feeling a little bit.

On one of our last days there, I paddled out and some dude in the lineup said, “She’s back and she’s still smiling.”  Yup. That’s me.  And I took it as a massive compliment.

I smile thinking about the trip, I smile thinking about travel, I smile on the inside when I’m thinking about ways to save so we can travel again, and I just smile thinking about one day having what these last few weeks were to be my daily life again. Even though I know living at the beach is different than visiting, there’s just something about having it be a quick drive away.

*If you have any questions about where we stayed, ate, etc., just let me know. Otherwise, just keeping this one short and sweet.

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  • Is that a Leica X U? Been thinking of buying one and wondering if it’s worth it. Btw, Love your blog, been following for years.

    • Yes it is and It’s a great camera (anything Leica does is brilliant!). Sometimes I do really miss having a viewfinder though. I believe the X-U was discontinued, but maybe that means you might be able to score a good deal on one if you find one!