Let’s make a rad bag. At the Waikiki Classic.

It’s a tote, it’s a satchel, it’s a bikini bag. Call it whatever you want. It’s a fun little DIY I’ll be doing this weekend at the Roxy Waikiki Classic. And yes, I am rather excited about it all. So stop on by, and let’s make a fun little eco friendly, fringetastic, tote/satchel/bikini bag dealio together. Cowrie shells included.

..and if you aren’t on Oahu and can’t make it. Never fret. We’ll be sharing the DIY how to’s after the event. But if you are on Oahu…see you there. 

Pictured above (other than my oh so versatile bag) On the horizon reversible bikini bottoms, Nineties Baby Crop Tee, and lots of sand.

More info over on the Roxy blog.  

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