A little recap.


Let’s do a little recap of the Waikiki classic, shall we…because this past weekend was rather sweet.

First off, I can’t thank the crew at Roxy for asking little ‘ol me to be a part of the event, I’ve said it a before, I’ll say it again. I’m totally flattered. And I’ve now come to the realization that deep down inside, I’d be one heck of an arts and crafts teacher. 

Now, a few highlights.

One of the little girls who was pretty much the queen of the DIY tent, made me a necklace (she’s pictured above with the braids). It happened to be perfectly color coordinated and really cool. I think she was maybe 8. We’ve got a future beach bling designer on our hands. 

My hula shorts we a hit. Crazy print shorts. Wear them. They are the best.

As much as I tried, I realized it’s almost impossible to catch a wave while sitting in an inner tube. Even if it’s neon green. My butt provided too much drag, and is no way the same thing as a single fin. 

We filmed a sweet video for the DIY eco tote bags. After filming this in the middle of Waikiki beach, I have more respect for Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, and Bob Ross now than ever. 

I got the most perfect, precise, and rad fishtail braid done by a stylist from the Paul Mitchell tent. And left it in for over 24 hours straight. It was that rad.

My hands are still dyed a little dark blue from all the tie dying leading up to the weekend. But thanks to Pinterest, I found out that the Mr. Clean magic erasers work like a charm to remove die from your skin. 

I was thoroughly impressed with how darn creative everyone was, and how versatile neon duct tape is. I’m buying a roll next time I’m at the hardware store. 

And finally, everyone who stopped by and told me you followed the blog…I am still smiling. Really. It meant a lot to me, and I hope my bear hugs and enthousiasm didn’t frighten you. Can’t thank you all enough..and feel free to email me any pics. 

…ok I’ll stop rambling, but it was such a fun week.

Roxy. I heart you.

Zeee lovely gear pictured above: Carnival 2 Shorts // Nineties Crop Tee // On the Horizon Reversible Bikini // Radiate Love Monokini // Paradise dream coverup // 

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