A wee bit salty and lovin’ it.

After getting some much needed birthday money from my amazing in laws (Hi Jana if you are reading this…and thanks!) I was able to stock up on some new bikinis, which I needed more than the necessary 64oz of water a day. It just so happened – ahem, and might still be happening – that the cute, totally flattering, yummy swimwear from salt swimwear was having a big ‘ol blowout sale because they are moving. Gosh, I love garage sales. We’re talking $15 tops and bottoms – which is unheard of for swimwear this cool. Target doesn’t even sell ’em for that price, and man, these pieces are something you’d find in Barneys.

Salt Swimwear, Claudia Bottoms, Marisa Miller

So, I wisely stocked up on Salt, and have never been so happy to indulge in so much sodium. The fabrics are thick, soft, and gorgeous colors, and the fit— ohhhh the fit—is perfect. The Heidi top makes me look like I have boobs…which is unprecedented, and I am particularly a fan of (so is my husband) the Claudia bottoms – (pictured below – gotta love any excuse for a Marisa Miller pic. What a babe).

In fact it’s taking a lot of will power to not go back and stock up. Maybe on my next birthday.

Hurry up and get some sodium at – saltswimwear.com

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