Online Shopping Tips. That Save.


I’ll admit it, I am an avid online shopper. Maybe it’s because living in LA, the thought of driving anywhere more than a mile to do anything makes my blood pressure rise. Or maybe it’s it’s because it’s just so stinking easy. Which can be dangerous. However, I am (thankfully) also a huge bargain pirate (one of my friends named me this) which has helped me acquire a few dollar saving skills. 

So, I thought it was time to share a few of my secrets/tips. Some might not be secrets at all, and in fact be no brainers. But hey, still had to share. I love saving a couple of bucks, and hopefully one of these might help you out too. 

• When it comes to beach gear, buy in September – November. 

Of course my first tip has to do with bikinis, coverups, and my favorite kind of gear. My three favorite big online retailers (shopboprevolve, and free people) all mark down this year’s beach gear SIGNIFICANTLY at the end of summer/beginning of fall to make room for all the new resort merchandise. Bikini separates that were $90 are now $20-30, and killer one pieces are half off or more.  Happy fun times. Note: remember to choose to sort the items by price (low – to high) so you aren’t scared off by the regular priced items. 

• Always search for coupons before you check out.

If you use chrome as your browser, install this cool plugin called Honey. It automatically searches for any coupon/promo codes for the site you are on, and applies them to your cart before you check out. Brilliant.

Or you can also just google (Coupon code for (insert online store name here) too. and sites like retailmenot pop up with codes you can try.

• Follow your favorite brands and small boutiques on Instagram, and get their newsletters. 

As much as I can’t stand how Instagram is kind of also one big ad, and I don’t like getting a ton of email newsletters, I’ll admit it, I am a sucker when a flash sale or warehouse sale notification pops up for a brand or online shop I love. Because there can be some serious deals. Example, Eternal Sunshine Creations has a warehouse sale that I got an email newsletter for, and I scored an almost $200 top for 30 bucks. Cha to the ching. 

Some people I love to follow or subscribe to: Bikinibird, ishine365, TheGirlAndTheWater, Stone Cold FoxMr Zimi, and One Teaspoon. I could go on and on, but those are just a few off the top of my head.

• If you want designer shoes, buy a used pair on ebay. Same for jeans.

The only reason I own a few pairs of Isabel Marant shoes, is because of ebay. Ok and one net-a-porter steal/impulse buy/Christmas gift to myself. Same with a pair of discontinued Nikes that I adore. Yes, some people might find this gross. But I figure after you wear some shoes once, they aren’t really perfect anymore any way. So why not score a pair that’s been lightly worn for over half off? A few pairs I have look like they’ve hardly been worn. Which is kind of amazing. 

Same for jeans. It’s amazing how unworn some of the “used” jeans that are for sale are. It’s kind of like digging through the used jeans racks of goodwill, but being able to choose the brand and style of your rack. Which I find fun. And some people might find weird. 

What I’m on the hunt for now: Some Rag & Bone Harrow boots, and some soft, slightly distressed, yet flattering boyfriend jeans, that I am not sure exist. But these are close.

Let the hunt and bidding games begin…

• Leave items in your cart, and think about it. 

Some stores will email you a discount juuuust because they want you to click the buy now button oh so much.

There you go. that’s all I can think of for now. Hope this helps. 

Happy shopping, scoring some deals, and, of course, saving. 

…So you can travel more. And be stylin’ in the process.

*Collage pics via bikinibird, revolve, shopbop, mrzimi, freepeople, oneteaspoon, and pinterest. 

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