Sea by Gypsy. Simply Dreamy.

Some days you simply need a bikini you can throw on and swing in a hammock for hours on end. Maybe reading a good book, sipping on a cocktail, and most likely drifting on and off into a few cat naps. The bikinis from Sea By Gypsy are just that kind of suit. Don’t worry, they are waterproof and supportive so if you feel invigorated after your hammock sesh and want to splash around, you’re safe.

Designer & owner Kate Ruggiero branched out from her dreamy intimates to make equally soft and flattering swimwear that you could practically live in. The styles are simple (2 colors and two bandeau style tops with matching bottoms) and each suit is handmade by Kate herself in Hawaii. Swoon.

If you are feeling stressed. I think looking at Gypsy’s online store will relax you. Now go grab a kini, find a hammock & a mai tai, and devote a day to swinging away…

Photos by: Daeja Fallas.

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