Late Night Rambling

Well, what was meant to be a quasi-rant about questioning if inspiration is being diluted…turned into a late night rambling instead. Fun times.

Don’t get me wrong, a good quote you stumble on (I mean GOOD) can do wonders for the soul. Same for a painting or beautiful picture…but imagine finding the same thing while flipping through a book. Goosebumps. Happened to me the other day when I was reading a book of letters by Johnny Cash while Levi was at story time at the library (aka my flip through books time). More goosebumps.

Or…wait for it…writing/creating/doing something yourself.

Here’s an abbreviated version of what my rant was going to be: I feel like we’re wanting too much from what we find on a screen/social media. It seems like people are craving so much inspiration from the digital world (that sidenote: also causes quite a bit of discontent via comparison), that it’s sucking the opportunities for getting real inspiration out of the non-digital one.

Man oh man, the real juicy brain igniting, soul igniting stuff happens when a screen isn’t within reach.

Don’t get me started on the confidence/mood booster/idea generator that a sunrise run can provide. Or kicking your own butt at the gym, or a really, really good laugh, or just scribbling a ton of thoughts illegibly in a journal. Yes please.

That’s what I’m getting at in this one. Life is pretty damn inspiring.

And on that note, I’ll stop my motivational speech/quasi-rant.

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Here it is, again…

I just am in need of some true inspiration

And all I see is blurred perfect faces

Dozens of words saying the same sort of thing

And pictures of dreamy hued places.

So I think I’ll just go for a walk or a drive

And think about what really sparks me within

Get out of my head and into fresh air

Yup. Sounds like a good place to begin.

Maybe dance to a favorite song on repeat

Close my eyes to paint murals in my dreams

Create, mistake, and create some more

Without fear of it ever being seen.

I’ll drink up a few more sunrises

Stay up way too late to write down what I think.

Be motivated by my own damn sweat

And stare at the ocean so long I forget to blink.

You see, that stuff gives a brain butterflies

and an internal smirky ambition that can’t be seen

I’m just learning when it comes to true inspiration

you’ll rarely find it on a screen.

~Late night ramblings by me (Rebekah Steen)

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