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There is an under the radar line I’ve been admiring from afar for a while, called Sensi bikinis. It’s designed by Sensi Graves who happens to be a kite surfer (a sport I’m totally fascinated by), surfer, snowboarder…and all around active gal. I always had an inclination that this meant she was also really cool. So when she agreed to do a little Q & A for the blog, and I read her answers. All my inclinations were 112% confirmed. People, meet the Name (and brains) behind Sensi Bikinis, Sensi Graves.

Ok, first off, how did you get into Kite Surfing?

My dad introduced me to the sport in 2006. I was in college and had never actually heard of kiteboarding. He made a trip (mid-life crisis?) to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to learn. Over my next summer vacation he brought my three brothers and I along with him where we spent a week learning the sport. I loved it! In 2009, I started teaching kiting at REAL Watersports in North Carolina and it has absolutely changed my life. For the better!

How has kite surfing, and all the action sports you do inspired your line?

Kiting and generally being active has completely inspired my line. When I was coaching, I was literally in the water every single day, which meant being in a bikini all day long. I have always loved swimwear and grew up in and out of them, but constant use reminded me how much was actually lacking in the suits I was wearing. Most brands just didn’t hold up to the kite crashes or falls over the surf. I wanted to create something that was super functional, comfortable and still very fun to wear, because that’s what being in a bikini is all about! Having fun, expressing yourself and generally loving life outdoors and in the sun. Wearing SENSI allows me to do that.

What’s your favorite piece from your 2013 collection?

I love the Bella Bottoms in Prairie Waves print. They’re super soft and comfortable due to their seamless design but they still stay on. And they make my booty look great. My favorite top is the Sicily because it just stays put. It’s uber-functional and diverse.

Favorite place to go Kiting/Surfing/Snowboarding? Any dream places you want to go…

Kiting: Taiba, Brazil for it’s flat-water, laid-back fishing village and acai bowls. Surfing: Honolua Bay, Maui for the clear water and long rights! Snowboarding: Park City, Utah for its two resorts, loads of fluffy snow, lots of terrain and quaint downtown. My dream vacation is currently Bora Bora which has good kiting and those *gasp* over the water huts!

Ok let’s talk style. Describe your day to day look.

I have a very relaxed style. I would describe it as laid-back Californian, which is who I am. I love wearing sandals, cut-off shorts, flirty sundresses, chic sunglasses, black tees and skinny jeans. That is when I’m not in a bikini…

You don’t leave home without.

My iphone. And sunscreen. I’m loving Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.

Best beauty/fitness advice anyone ever gave you.

Carry around a water bottle with you everywhere. This will help you actually drink it! I have a gallon jug that I’ve been toting around to help me reach by water goal. Another favorite is to mix up your workouts so that you keep yourself on your toes and don’t get bored. Trying new things is fun and rewarding. Also, a friend suggested a mirror-vacation. A period of time in which you don’t look in any mirrors and therefore don’t judge yourself. It’s tough but fulfilling and a great stress reducer.

Favorite Hometown Local restaurant/pigout spot?

Chai Lattes at Doppios. Hometown grub at 6th Street Grill. Beers at Double Mt. All in majestic Hood River, Oregon.

Any quotes you love/live by? 

“No matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”-Anonymous. My current mantra “Every negative can be seen as a positive opportunity”. I really believe in the power of positive thinking and visualization. See what you want and go get it!

Yes. Sensi rocks. Now I must go try out some Jouer Moisturizing tint, Take a mirror vacation, and then another vacation…to Taiba, and learn how to Kite…in some Sensi.

Keep up with Sensi here: Facebook // Twitter & Instagram @sensibikinis 


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