Shark Tooth Toes

I love shark teeth, as long as they aren’t attached to an actual shark and chomping on me. Honestly, I think I could wear some form of them every single day (oh wait, I do). So, naturally, what does one do when they love something? Figure out how to paint in on their nails of course. In my case, nail art stays on my hands a maximum of 24 hours, so I tend to give the toes the TLC. Or in this case the shark’s grill. 

I did a more cartoonish & small tooth approach, and am relatively pleased. Here’s my attempt at instructions, if you want to give ‘em a try. 

1: Paint toes a bright color that will contrast with the tooth color.

2: Using a ball point pen or toothpick, paint in a bunch of little “teeth” (aka a bunch of little pointy triangles with a dip in the top) on each nail. I like to have some go off the nail so it looks like a pattern.

3: After polish dries, use a fine tip black sharpie, and draw a shark tooth outline over the teeth you just painted.

4: Cover with super glossy topcoat.

5: Done. Now get those cool little toes back in the ocean for a swim. 

Polish used: 4FREE Laguna Shimmer + Illamasqua Cameo

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