French Pull Through braid. With a Lob.


If you have shorter length hair, or kind of suck at braiding your own hair, or have fine hair and a braid makes you look like you have no hair…or you just like a cool and pretty easy funky looking ‘do. Try this: A french pull through braid. 

There is really no braiding involved. It’s just strategically messing with a bunch of repeating ponytails. And it makes you look like you have a ton of hair. Which is a much needed perk. Especially for me. 

Yup. This is definitely spicing up my hair style lineup. 

Now, here’s some directions. 

Ok, my instructions will probably sound like I am speaking in Mandarin, so just go watch this you tube tutorial of a gorgeous blonde with extensions making one helluva an amazing one. You’ll get the point. 

Or you can check out the sequence of pics of me doing the braid above. On my fine, lob length hair.  Not as impressive as the youtube gal. But still, it looks rad, even though its messy (which is the only way I really can actually do my hair), and makes me look like I have a lot thicker hair then I do.  And reminds me how badly I need to get my hair colored. 

Or, if you dare, here’s my attempt at instructions: 

Note: this works best with dirty hair. As do all braids. If greasy hair isn’t your deal, I swear by this stuff. 

Tools: brush, and a bunch of little clear elastics. 

• Brush out your hair, and grab the top section ( like you would do to start a french braid) and put it in a pony tail. 

• Now grab the next section of hair under the pony tail (aka the next group of hair you would take if you were doing a french braid,) and put it in a ponytail. 

• Take the top ponytail, and pull it apart into two sections. Then pull the lower ponytail up in between the top sections of the top ponytail. Let the two sections of the top ponytail hang down.

• Then, grab hair from the sides below the second ponytail, (think french braid hair grabbing again) and add that to the two sections of the ponytail you pulled apart and are hanging down. And secure in a ponytail. 

• repeat this whole process, (think: split, pull up, grab below and tie,) until your hair is all pulled back. 

• Then go through each section and pull out the hair so it looks messy and fuller. Yay little clear rubber bands. This is where they work their magic. (Note: My hair is layered, so a bunch of pieces stick out. but I think it added to the “uniqueness”)

• Done.

See, totally sounds confusing. But I swear it isn’t. 

Good luck, And enjoy the full of volume, funky looking braid, that’s not really a braid, but is a braid. 

And most importantly, looks somewhat effortlessly cool.

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