Let’s lose the label, shall we?


Each Year, MJ Day and the team at SI Swim do what they do best. They pick out insanely gorgeous women, put them in bikinis, and jet off to exotic locations across the globe to take pictures of them…so we all can flip through the magazine in our sweats and dream of rolling around in the sand in the Seychelles.

Well, this year they did the same thing, and happened to feature the gorgeous Aussie model, Robyn Lawley. Then someone just HAD to highlight that her body was different than the others in the issue, and slap a label on her body type.

The label? Plus-Sized model.

Well, this has opened up a huge discussion about this body type labeling in the fashion world. Which I love. Because it’s messed up.

First off, Plus-Sized, has become a broad category. In fact, I’d say nowadays, it is any body that is just a tad bit larger than your typical model physique. Which is pretty little. Case in point: I even went on a plus-sized modeling casting the other week (it was for an arthritis medication, really glamorous stuff here folks), and…I am a size 6. Hmmm.

So my first point is this: Don’t read into the label. In fact, disregard it and try to forget any body-type labeling altogether. Just appreciate a woman’s beauty. 

Now, my second point…

I really wonder this: If no one had highlighted her different size, and the issue just launched as usual, would people have even noticed, or would I even be writing this post? My guess is…no. People would probably think she was just as beautiful, if not a bit more alluring because of the curves, and maybe a few more of the bikinis she’s wearing would be sold as a result. Maybe people would be more concerned if she was comfortable or not straddling that canoe? Think about it. That couldn’t have been comfortable.

Even Robyn said herself:  "I don’t know if I consider myself as a plus-size model or not…I just consider myself a model because I’m trying to help women in general accept their bodies.“

And Robyn definitely is helping. It’s the media’s obsession with having to label a body type that sucks.

I absolutely love that she’s in there, her suit is gorgeous, and the pic is taken somewhere I’d love to go camping one day. But I don’t see why this has to be historic. There are beautiful women in all shapes and sizes modeling across the globe. And SI does a great job of thinking outside the box (but not always covering it…sorry had to go there) with its models. Which rocks. What will be historic is the day when something like this happens again, and people can just accept and acknowledge a women’s beauty and body, instead of having to categorize it.

…Or if someone on the cover is doing a cannon ball into the arctic ocean, and it’s not photoshopped. Yeah, that would be historic.

So, congrats to Rachel, I hope this keeps opening doors for her, and opening fashion editors eyes to all different types of beauties.

But let’s all get over the whole plus-sized label media frenzy, give Rachel a high five, and worry about bigger things. 

Like why the photo on the cover is on a farm in Tennessee rather than on a white sandy beach in the Seychelles.

Photos via SI.com

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