Onesies. Gotta love ‘em.


Onesies. One pieces. Maillots. Tank suits. Full pieces. Whatever you want to call these beautifully crafted singular pieces of fabric you can wear in the water, the designs that are out there are rocking my world lately. It’s like they’ve read ladies minds of what we all have really wanted in a one piece all these years. And made them.

And after having my first kiddo, I am appreciating (and wearing) these bad boys even more. Mainly just because there are so many rad ones out there. 

So, here’s a handful of my favorites. 

Note: In order to be my favorites, these onesies must be the following:

• Supportive – Mom boobs must be controlled and uplifted at least a little bit. 

• Comfortable – Fabric must be soft, and nothing cuts in legs, back or shoulders.

• Flattering – Do I really need to explain this?

• Sporty – Stay-put, simple with not too much going on. And preferably tie-less.

• NOT be a monokini in any shape or form (Sorry. Personal preference. I look like I belong in the circus when I wear one of those)

…here we go.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Imrie Pompei Sahara Fullpiece – It’s reversible (solid on one side, pattern on the other), versatile, ridiculously comfy, has a slightly cheeky cut, and a simple wide tank neckline. I have been wearing this beauty non stop.  

Acacia X Olympia Sri Lanka Full piece – Worn anywhere, in any color, this beauty is sure to be a compliment magnet. Because this collab is right up there with chips and salsa in the perfect combo department. Seriously though, how cool is that neckline?

L*Space Wild Side One Piece – Another compliment magnet suit…that will give you some stellar tan lines. That I love. It’s the sportiest of the bunch, cute, and has cutouts that are actually…wait for it…slimming.

Greenlee Green Leaf Strappy Scoop Tank – This suit is soft as buttah, has a rad print, a cheeky cut that makes my butt look cute…and is made from 85% recycled water bottles. Go green and get a tan. Love to the palm leaf dub.

Ola Feroz Araya One piece – The brilliant designer of Ola, Jessica Garcia, hand makes these one pieces, and the fit is (in my opinion) perfection. Surprised? Didn’t think so. Mucho amor for this baby.

Tori Praver Lucy One piece – The magical ruched fabric that makes up this suit sucks everything in, but is comfy, and is honestly one of the only strapless one pieces that I can rock. It’s freaking adorable with cutoffs and a button up plaid shirt too. (And a bunch are on sale aqui)

Issa De Mar Sao Paolo One piece – If you don’t own this suit, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Trust me, you’ll love it. All the cool gals I know own one too. Peer pressure with one pieces. It happens. 

Samudra Makena One piece – Samudra’s oh so rad photos have made their way onto sleek and chic one pieces. This one has a big palm frond on it. Yes. I’ve died and gone to lycra heaven. 

and finally…

A gorgeous, simple, onesie that’s been touched by the brilliance known as…a tropical print designed by Mara Hoffman. 

Welp, there you go.

High five all you brilliant designers. Thanks for making one pieces so versatile, fun, and damn sexayyy.

And this is all coming from a gal who loves bikinis. 

So that’s saying a lot.  

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