Skipping Girl. Skip, skip, skip to my arm.


You know a bag is is pretty darn sweet when you are walking on the sidewalk, and lady pulls over her car (on a busy street) rolls down the window, and asks where you got your bag. True story. This happened yesterday. My answer? It’s by Skipping girl (then I tried to awkwardly mimic jumping rope, in case she didn’t hear me). And their bags rock.

Skipping Girl is a line of go anywhere totes that started in Bondi Beach, and are designed and in Sydney. And when I say designed, that’s an understatement. Each bag is meticulously hand woven from repurposed fishing twine, that also happens to make a long lasting eco-friendly, totally unique, bright, bold and head turning tote that you want on your arm as much as possible. 

My favorite part (aside from them being woven so sand doesn’t stay in the bag) is all of the prints. From the Skipping Girl (their signature print), to flamingos, to martini glasses, stripes, cherries, or even those pac men guys, there is a print that will brighten and beachify up any wardrobe…and make you smile.

…And want to go buy a jump rope just to pay homage to your new favorite tote.

Available at 

Skipping girl on Facebook // Instagram @skippinggirlau 

Pineapple Bikini by Tavik

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