If You’re Reading This


If you’re reading this post, chances are you stumbled on this site, we’ve met, a friend told you about me, something you saw lured you in, or my mom told you to check it out. 

However you got here, I’m oh so glad you did. 

I just think if you’re reading this, you are a part of something special.

Yes, I’m totally biased, but I just looked through the archives of the blog (a rather entertaining, yet time sucking thing to do) and I have to say, DAMN it’s all over the place. But unique. Even amusing at times. Grammatically horrendous. And somehow it works, even though I think I’ve failed miserably at following any blog how to’s out there or expert advice (Mainly because there are very few blogs I actually follow or articles like that that I have time to read. Ones that I HAVE read made me laugh). 

But what’s really pretty darn sweet is that it has attracted a positive, and inspiring group of people across the globe. Not in a fake cheesy, life is butterflies and rainbows 24/7 type of way, but man there are some rad peeps out there who give a damn about what I post, and I am absolutely floored by it. Seriously. 

So If you’re reading this, I wanted to say thanks. I don’t do that enough. But I hope my gratitude is expressed somehow regularly. 

Your encouragement is responsible for me fulfilling a lifelong dream to paint for a living. Your emails help me kick my self doubt (that I struggle with regularly) to the curb. Your fellow obsession for anything tropical makes me feel less crazy. Knowing people out there actually look forward to something I post, even if I have no clue what I am going to post, absolutely floors me. I am just so stoked about it all. YOU ROCK. THIS SITE ROCKS. LIFE ROCKS. YAY CAPS LOCK SENTENCES.

Who knows where the blog/social media world is heading. The algorithms, ads, people paying to get their posts noticed (which I refuse to do), and weird stuff makes it hard to have your content seen. Some days I wonder if it’s all fizzling, which I can understand, since I think we all are trying to unplug some more. So, if you are spending a few of your screen time minutes checking out this thing, I want to send you a virtual jumping Maverick and Goose high five. I hope you enjoy it, I hope it makes you smile, not shop TOO much, and is a sunny, happy and real space. I’m sorry if it’s changed, and morphed from bikinis, beaches, and workouts…to babies, coffee, sweaters, dreaming of beaches and being surf starved…and more workouts. 

But so has my life, and I think it’s all still pretty darn fun. 

On that note, I’ll sign off before this becomes some unorganized long winded rant…

Thanks for stopping by. It’s what keeps me going. 

I hope you all still love thing thing as much as I love creating it. 

Off to go look through the archives for few more minutes and crack myself up. 

Did I say thanks enough? Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. 



* Pictured above: Laying in the sand, camera in my hand, sun shinin’ on my skin…and my little dude digging a hold in the sand next to me. Life is GOOD. This might need to be my new profile pic everywhere.

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