What it’s like to be on the cover

Tomorrow when Sports Illustrated releases its annual swimsuit issue, men will go berserk, women will want to get a new bikini, hair extensions and a spray tan…and a bunch of swimwear designers will rejoice. Well, one designer in particular, Lisa Cabrinha, the designer and half of the power-sister duo of Letarte, will definitely be celebrating. Her suit just happens to be on the cover this year…Which was taken in Antarctica.

Pretty cool.

Lisa did a fun l’il  Q & A so we can have a little taste of what it’s like to be on the cover…

1: What was your reaction when you found out your suit was on the cover?

My good friend Susan Holms Mcagen called me and said did you see the cover of SI somehow it got leaked early. I was driving so couldn’t see it. I got home and took a look and said wow that looks like our white mesh suit that we had made for a surf/ kitesurfing capsule. (Our family has kitesurfing company Cabrinha Kites.) I then called Darcy and my sister Michele and she said I think its ours!  We had to wait till morning to confirm from the gals at Sports Illustrated and they said Yes!! Its Letarte!!!  soooo excited.

2: Any plans to celebrate?

Yes we will defiantly celebrate with friends and family and the Letarte crew.

3: What’s the process of getting a suit in to the SI swimsuit issue?

The process is a long one!  The girls at sports illustrated let me know the story line of each shoot and we make suits to fit the story. Alot of the suits are one of kind.  I feel grateful every year to get in the magazine  The photo has to look good and the model has to look good. I have a few suits that are my favorite that I send in and they don’t make it in the issue because it comes down to the shot. Everything has to come together.

4: Ok, since this issue is shot on all 7 continents, is there any continent in particular you are wanting to visit?

I want to go to South America this year.

5: You’ve been in SI swim 13 years now, is there any favorite suit / one that was special to you?

It’s hard to believe its been 13 years in the issue, and 2 covers!  One of my favorite suits is of Petra with our mix up suit and the zebra suit with Heidi klum.

6: What does this kind of press mean to you & all the designers in the swim industry?

The sheer reach that Sports Illustrated has puts your company in every house hold.  its a great way for new designers to get their name out there .

7: Would you wear a bikini in Antarctica?

I don’t plan on being in Antarctica any time soon but i have worn a bikini skiing on Mauna Kea!!

Thanks so much Lisa! And congrats…you deserve a mai tai, and a trip to South America, and a beer, and a shot of Patron…and a new bikini. Cheers!

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