I’m a firm believer in always

I’m a firm believer in always learning new things. Even if it means looking awkward. So, here you go. I’ve been attempting to teach myself (and Levi when he’s interested) how to play the Ukulele. I’m uncoordinated, only know a few chords, and well, I can’t get much worse. Thankfully I can only get better. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a good way to feel sometimes. 

This might seem like a pointless post, but we always need reminders to step out of our comfort zones, take a few minutes to learn, and well, just laugh at ourselves a little too. 

Here’s my “Ukulele curriculum”: 

I bought this Kala Ukulele on Amazon (Levi’s is from the ABC store. He loves that thing.) – Then, Kala also has a great free app with a tuner, lessons, songs, etc. It’s great. There’s also resources on their website

Then, of course, there’s youtube. There are so sooooo many videos over on youtube.  This is pretty much the only song I can attempt to play.

I am rather musically challenged, so it honestly just feels good to even play one chord over and over and hum to a tune. Levi then looks at me and says, “You make me laugh.” So there’s that perk too.

Wish us luck. Don’t expect any youtube videos from us. But high five for learning new things. 

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