Strange Bikinis


Juuuust in case anyone is on the lookout for a new swimwear line, let me take a minute to talk about Strange Bikinis

Strange bikinis is the lycra love child of Ali Conway. She’s a stylin’ & active, outdoors lovin’ gal based in Reno, Nevada, who, like some of my other favorite swimwear designers, started making bikinis that fit her needs, by hand, for friends. That’s what friends are for. The demand grew, and boom. Strange Bikinis was born. It now has a tribe of loyal, fresh air, adventure seekers who rock Ali’s creations all over. Tahoe to Tulum. In hot springs, glacier lakes, sandy beaches and lineups. 

Another cool thing is that if you peruse their instagram or blog, you’ll see woman in all shapes and sizes confidently rocking her creations. There’s something about the cut and fabric that hug and flatter every curve, and something cool about all the ladies rocking the suits, that makes me want to get in on the fun. 

I’m a fan. 

And I think the only thing strange about Strange Bikinis is that I am just now learning about them and rocking one. 

Better late to the party than never. // @strangebikinis 

*Thank you to Ali and the Strange Bikini crew for the suit (wearing the Delia Top /Dallas Dukes bottoms). Keep up the awesome work.

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