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It’s that time again. Yup. Time to talk beauty products. Fortunately for us all, there is a plethora of great finds out there, that do their job so well that I actually look forward to chatting them up. 

Here we go. The Lineup – and you aren’t imaging things. There is a bit of a summery vibe in the group, because I can’t help it, and well, also because it’s Summer. 


Left to right, top to bottom:

Pixie Glow Tonic To Go – Traveling, gym bag, diaper bag, fannypack, too tired to wash your face with water…you name it, these little cleansing pads are life savers. They get a gold star for not leaving your face feeling like it’s sticky afterwards, and for having quite a few skin brightening ingredients as well. I am a fan.

Kopari Coconut Body Glow – Ok, if there’s one versatile product I’d get for summer, it’d be this glorious stuff. It’s a super high quality coconut oil with a natural looking gold shimmer that can be used in so many ways: skin illuminator, cheekbone highlighter, a golden hair de-frizzer, skin subtle bronzer, the only thing I wouldn’t do is put it in your coffee, Unless you want golden bulletproof coffee. Really though, it smells great (tropical), and adds a great shimmer without making you look like a stripper. Yay. 

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. – Here’s my train of thought. If you want to use a sunless tanner, why not got for the iconic, tried and true product that wins all the rewards, and I am pretty sure Elle Macpherson said she swears by. Just can’t remember where I read it, but I did. When I think self tanner, I think St.Tropez ( sorry that totally sounded like an ad.) So, when I want to give my melanian a break. I bust out this beauty.

Supergoop! Lip Screen and Sunscreen Oil ( both broad spectrum SPF50) – If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know one of my absolute favorite sunscreen companies is Supergoop. So, when they wanted to send me a surprise in the mail (aka these two new products) my epidermis did the running man. The Lip Screen is basically a water resistant “topcoat” you put on your lips, that seals in your lip color without messing with the color, and boom. Your lips are covered in spf 50. Brilliant. The Sunscreen oil is in fact an oil, and it feels ahhhhhsome on my skin. I especially like using it on my face, since my skin gets super dehydrated after a surf or swim. And you get that slick oiled up look, which is kinda fun, while being totally covered in SPF50. It’s magic. Supergoop, I am still a Superfan. 

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum creme – If my bum ever looks glowing, perky and not like the skin of a sun loving 35 year old woman. All credit goes to this creme. Or a great VSCO cam filter. Anywho, there’s two tubs in the pic, because I blew through my first tub. Ok and I thing the packaging is cute. The scent and the subtle glow it gives your skin is wonderful, and it feels rather fantastic too. There’s seriously a magical combo of ingredients in this stuff. I might need to go hug my tub for a minute…

Essie Cocktails & Coconuts and China Glaze Sun of a Peach – These were two impulse buys at Walgreens, and are my absolute favorite colors at the moment. Neon and neutral, go figure. The Coconut is a great beige with liiiitle hints of gold shimmer. The Neon peach, is a neon peah, that is kind of the perfect neon peach. Which is saying a lot.

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort – I got this in a goodie bag for an event and immediately was intrigued. In the genre of surf sprays, or surf texturizers, this one’s a first. It’s like a sticky gel meets conditioner texture, with a tiny bit of shimmer. And It’s pretty sweet. Basically scrunch a little through damp or dry hair and go. The stickiness gives you that piecey look too. Whoa.

Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub in Mandarin – Ok I feel like i am cheating on Frank, but this stuff is really great. Or else I wouldn’t publicly be cheating on Frank. It sticks to your body really well, and is a finer ground coffee, so you can really scrub the good stuff into your skin (and face). And well, I liked watching Mr. Bean in Highschool too. So there’s that.

And finally…

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Toner. – Fresh is another company I’ve admired for quite a while, so when they wanted to send me some stuff, it was sugar lychee scented dream come true. The Umbrian Clay Toner purifies (no alcohol or irritation), soothes, and helps minimize pores. This is a really great combo to have when lately I slater on coconut oil, oil sunscreen, and cc cream on my face 24/7. I definitely have noticed a difference since I started using it. My crazy moody combination skin loves it. It might turn into my new go to toner. 

There you go. The Lineup. July 2016. Done.

**Wait there’s more. I am so grateful for all of these beauty products coma its have sent me, but I also want to share some beauty goods, so I’m doing a little giveaway. Up for grabs: A bottle of the St.Tropez Self Tanner + Applicator mitt and I’ll throw in a few other surprises. (Unused, promise.) To enter: Just check out any of the lineup posts, and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite products are. Easy peasy. Contest is open to anyone, and the winner will be announced and contacted by me in a week. 

Ok now I’m done. Thanks for entering, 

…and for reading this much. 

* Entries are closed, congrats to our Winner Ali! 

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