Orange & purple. Killer combo.

To say I love color would be a dramatic understatement. I would sweat neon if it were legal. Neon orange and bright purple are my go-to combo at the moment. So, when I got a hold of a killer Tyler Rose bikini I’ve been drooling over (it’s called Crush, in case anyone is wondering) Things got very bright, happy and sandy in my world.

The t-shirt I lugged to the beach ironically happened to be of the same color genre. It was not planned. It was meant to be. The nails. Those were planned. Very carefully. 

Hopefully this inspires someone else out there to want to be a human highlighter on the beach this summer.

Bikini by Tyler Rose, T-shirt by 291 Venice (It was from a sample sale or else I’d post a link to the tee) Nails by moi. Pics by Grant. Thanks buddy 🙂

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