I always like to show off

I always like to show off my mop after it’s been freshly cut and colored, so I thought I’d show off the in between phase as well. 

Here’s what’s going on. 

The bangs – Are in that oh so fun stage where I must make the important decision: do I trim them on my own, go in and have a pro trim them, or do I just continue to be lazy, and part them in the middle, which kind of defeats the purpose of a bang. The most likely answer is me attempting to trim them late at night in the bathroom. Wish me luck.

The waves –  Were done quickly using a flatiron (like in this video) but I just curled/waved the bottom half. 

And on to totally non hair related notes that are worth mentioning…

The lipstick – is the perfect bright summery pink that somehow is fun, flattering, and not obnoxious. It’s Aveda’s Nourish-Mint Lipstick in Pink Zinnia with Sheer Flamingo layered on top. Muwah.

The tee – I love buying used tees on ebay. I bought this old Wildfox one about seven years ago for $20. It also says aloha on the back. And I will never ever give this sucker away.

There you go. In between hair that is still manageable. Fun summer lips, and a priceless ebay score. Oh happy day.

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