10 Reasons To Love Surf Leggings


10 reasons to love surf leggings. In case you are wondering why so many gals are starting to wear these little lycra gems. 

1: No worrying about mooning anyone

2: Effortless, even, long wearing, sun protection. Boom.

3: Also protects you from the reef (which I tested first hand this day, by accident)

4: You can also wear them to workout.

5: …especially at hot yoga.

6: They are flattering

7: No board rash on your legs

8: They keep you a little warmer when it’s cold, but you still are cool if it’s hot.

9: I have yet to test this, and am a bit frightened to do so, but I think they might protect your from jellyfish stings.

10: They are just…really really stinkin’ cute. 

So…if you are intrigued, and thinking about a pair now, Salt Gypsy has an amazing line called Bespoke. (I am wearing a pair of hers above. Pineapple print on one leg. Oh yeah buddy.) They even make mini ones for the kiddos. Now THAT is cute. 

Available at saltgypsy.com (I think they might be on sale right now too)

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