I Heart Surf Suits


If I still lived in Hawaii, I’d probably own a few of these beauties. However, their functionality and freakish gorgeousness has me admiring them from afar, and hoarding them in an online shopping cart debating which one to buy anyways. 

So, let’s talk Surf Suits. 

If I recall correctly, the brilliant ladies of Seea came out with the first surf suit a few years ago. Surf suit = a one piece with long sleeves that’s stylish and functional. Sun protection for the waist up. Not made out of neoprene. Super comfy. Fast forward a few more years and 1: Seea is still killing it, 2: a bunch of other brands are doing their own renditions as well, and 3: ladies are rocking this style across the globe, in and out of the surf. 

And I’ve been admiring this all from afar.

Seeing that the only thing I’ve worn similar to this is my Rip Curl G-Bomb (A super thin wetsuit that also conveniently makes you feel like a Bond Girl), I am a fan just by imagining how one might look and feel in it. These suckers have to be pretty darn flattering and comfortable, and quite a relief for a long surf, day of boating, paddling, cruising on le SUP, or doing anything in the water, really.

Oh yeah they’re pretty darn cute. 

When I was back in Hawaii a month or so ago (I’m losing track) I saw more ladies rocking surf suits than ever before. A few walking on the beach, and quite a few surfing. Every one of them looked so darn cool. 

So, I think it’s finally time I take the plunge and invest in a surf suit. Even though It might be a while before I can actually surf in it, I still think it might come in quite handy. 

And I always love feeling like a Bond Girl.

Pictured above are a few of my favorites:

•  Acacia Ehukai Surf Suit (Mesh or prints, all are rad. The Lucky Honey also has an amazing collection of them) 

Issa De Mar Makena Surf Suit – Also love the all black style.

Salt Gypsy Betty Bottoms + Turtleneck Rashguard (Two pieces but together they look like a surf suit. Brilliant. Plus the fabric is made out of ECONYL®.

Rue Stiic Dreamland Surf Suit

• Stone Fox Swim Oceanside Suit – On sale. High five. This print is pretty sweet too. 

and finally…

Seea Solanas Suit – Or any surf suit Seea makes, really.

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