Winter Sweater Toes


In the world of coziness, our toes miss out on a lot of the love. So, I though it’s time to deck those puppies out in some ugly winter holiday sweater motifs…that when put on your toes, are not so ugly. In fact I believe they are cuter than ever. Especially the reindeer. Or Moose. Or whatever it is. 

Clark Griswold would be proud. Even if he never painted his toes.

Here’s my attempt at instructions:

1: Choose a black, beige and white opaque polish (Or whatever 3 colors you want). I went the neutral route.

2: On your big toe. Paint it black, then paint a Moose/Reindeer/Elk/Whatever by painting a stick figure with a nail art brush or toothpick: Draw a rectangle, four small lines for the legs, a small diagonal rectangle for the head, a dot for the tail, then a few thin lines for the antlers.

3: On your next toe in. Paint it black again, with a line of dots across, followed by a line of dashes, then a line of crosses. So it goes ….. then — then +++

4: On your next toe: Paint it beige, with a white snowflake. It can basically be five small triangles pointing inwards.

5: On your next toe: Paint it white with a few little black hearts.

6: On your pinkie toe, Paint it black again, and do whatever you can fit on the little sucker in white. I did 2 crosses.

7: Let dry thoroughly, then top with glossy topcoat.

8: Done, now go put on a real sweater and make a hot beverage that goes in a large mug…knowing your toes feel the love.

And feel free to watch Christmas Vacation.

 Polish Used: Zoya ClaudineFlynn, and Snow White.

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