Ten Stay Put Bikinis. That Are Also Cute.

You know what’s cool. Back when I started this blog, It took a lot of searching to find a cute, stylish, and comfy bikini that would stay put, and didn’t fall off when I did a duck dive, or cannonball, or just splashed around in the water. Nowadays, they’re everywhere. Pick your coverage needs, activity level, if you want it made from recycled fishing line found in the ocean (Talking about you Salt Gypsy) or your level of cute and comfiness. They’re there man.

So here’s 10 of my favorites.

I tried to get various price points, coverages, some small companies, and some big surf ones. so if you’re looking for a new suit, maybe one of these will float your boat. So you can then dive off of it and not have to go fishing for your top.

Numbers corresponds with the pic up top. In case that wasn’t clear. Or just go left to right, top to bottom.

1: Dkoko Comfy Surf Bikini Bottom (any color or print -these are some of my all time favorite bottoms) + Retro Top or Om top – These were the two bikinis I surfed In in Costa Rica. And are two my all time favorite bikinis. Comfy, cute and did not budge. Lots of other ladies surfing (some totally ripping) were rocking Dkoko too. So that’s always a good sign.

2: Lululemon X Malia Manual Will the Wave bikini – Amazing fabric and fit, the top is the bomb, and hey maybe it will help me surf little better since Malia helped design it, right? Probably not. But this collab suit is a simple sporty beauty.

3: RipCurl Surforama bikini – I freaking love this suit (top here +bottom here. The retro vibe and simple silhouette had me at hello. And not only do the striped bands look cool, they keep this sucker from budging.

4: Sensi Grave’s Bikinis Colleen Top and Kyla Bottoms (both are reversible) – Sensi’s bikinis just keep getting better and better. I love the support, fabrics, and cuts. Plus, they’re all pretty darn fun. (If you want more coverage on le bum, check out the Jennifer bottom.)

5: Ola Feroz Carupano bikini – Always gotta have an Ola in here. Always. Jess’s suits speak my love language, and make my deflategate mom boobs look way perkier than they are. The Carupano has a special place in my heart because I ran around one day without knowing Levi had untied the top, and it didn’t fall off. True story.

6: Salt Gypsy – Giving my pal Danny some love, if you want a cool suit, look no further than one designed by a gal whose line was inspired by years working on a surf charter in the Maldives. This turtleneck rash guard/reversible surf bottoms combo is rad, keeps you covered, and oh yeah, it’s made out of recycled fishing line.

7: L*Space Gwen Top + Ella Bottom – I’ve worn this the past three days, and am completely smitten with the fit, ties, look and feel of it. I have yet to duck dive it, but it passed the swimming with a toddler climbing all over me test with flying colors.

8: Issa De Mar Poema top + Sorrento Bottom – Love the Issas suits. Always have, always will. The Poema top now comes in Jacquard, which makes my salty soul happy. Pair it with whatever jacquard bottom you’d like (or throw this rash guard over it too. Boom). Issa gonna be a sweet combo. The Sorrentos are da bomb. I’ll leave it at that.

9: Tavik Juliet Top + Heather Bottom – Tavik just does simple and sporty oh soooooo well. I saw this, and a bunch of other suits of theirs, at Surf Expo, and did my best not to drool.

And last but not least…

10. Seea Bikinis. Choose any of them. I’ve been admiring Seea suits for years, and gosh, these might be some of my favorites yet. If a suit that stays on, is comfy, keeps you covered, feels like buttah and comes in fun, quasi retro prints is what you’re looking for…voila.

There you go. Hope that helps anyone on the quest for fun, cool, no nip slips or mooning allowed, suit.

And most of all, yay Summer.

* Have a certain stay put suit or designer you love, don’t be shy, sing praises in the comments below.

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