That Woman

Do you ever see someone and just think they’re strikingly beautiful, but not in a something-you-can-buy sort of way? They just have an allover air about them that’s so jaw-dropping, you remember your first impression years later, even if you never spoke. And you’re still wishing you could pick their brain or just get a tip or two.

Or maybe that’s just me when I think of this one woman I saw…

It was our last day in Costa Rica, and I was on the beach with Levi (playing under a makeshift fort and waiting for my turn to go surf.) This woman pulled up on an ATV. She had on a leopard print pareo, a straw cowboy hat, and had her four sons all on the ATV, too. The oldest were holding their surfboards and the youngest was on her lap. It was one helluva beautiful and inspiring site. And man oh man what I would give to go for a beach walk, surf, or I guess an ATV ride and get to know her. But for now, I’ll just keep on imagining what she might do to have such a presence about her.

That’s what this poem’s about.

I mean, it’s open to interpretation, but that’s what that woman is to me.

My guess is coconut oil might be a beauty tip though. It kind of helps with everything.


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